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Development of Phage-based Vaccines

Phages are wonderful vectors for delivery of vaccine due to their characteristic structural and functional properties. Phage-based vaccines have a number of advantages over traditional vaccines and can effectively induce immune response in eukaryotic host cells. Creative Biolabs has accumulated a lot of experience in phage-based vaccine development. We can provide phage-based vaccine development services for global customers based on diverse and excellent techniques.

What Are Phage-based Vaccines?

Phages have been regarded as vaccine delivery vehicles due to their unique biological characteristics, such as high stability under a variety of harsh environments, easy to manipulate, purify, and produce on a large scale, as well as non-pathogenic and inert vehicles in eukaryotic cells. Whole phage particles can be designed to deliver the immunogenic peptides or DNA vaccines to the target cells or tissues. Compared to traditional vaccines, phage-based vaccines have several advantages: 1) phage particles can protect peptides or DNA vaccines from degradation, thus increasing their stability in host eukaryotic cells; 2) peptides or DNA vaccines can be displayed on or inserted into phages in their native context; 3) phage-based vaccines can be easily manufactured on a large scale by using phages to infect bacteria, thus decreasing cost of production. A number of studies have revealed that phage-based vaccines can trigger the host immune system, used for preventing or treating various diseases including viral, bacterial, parasitic diseases, fungal infection, and cancer.

Overview of the design and applications of phage-based vaccines.Fig. 1 Overview of the design and applications of phage-based vaccines. (Bao, 2018)

What Can We Do?

Equipped with comprehensive expertise and advanced techniques, Creative Biolabs offers custom phage-based vaccine development services for clinical trials and research applications. Based on phage display technology, we are feasible with multiple phage display systems including filamentous phages, T4 phage, T7 phage, and λ phage display systems used for vaccines delivery. We also offer all-round service of phage DNA vaccine development using genetic engineering technology. In addition, we also provide custom solutions of hybrid phage vaccine to meet your special requirements. Furthermore, we provide in vitro and in vivo services phage-based vaccine development as well as customized phage-based vaccine manufacturing services to meet your requirements.

A schematic diagram of two vaccine delivery methods via phages, namely phage display vaccine and phage DNA vaccine.Fig. 2 A schematic diagram of two vaccine delivery methods via phages, namely phage display vaccine and phage DNA vaccine. (Jafari, 2015)

What Makes Us Different?

  • Outstanding expertise and rich experience in phage-based vaccine development
  • Well-established phage vehicle platform for vaccine development
  • High yield, quality and purity of phage-based vaccine delivery
  • Reliable product and reproducible process
  • Comprehensive one-stop service removing your worries

Creative Biolabs is an excellent service provider in the area of phage-based vaccine development. Aided by a variety of techniques such as phage display, genetic engineering, chemical methods, etc., we can successfully display peptide antigens or mimotopes on the surface of phage or insert DNA vaccines into phage genomes, and the generated phage-based vaccines possess a great of immunogenicity. If you are interested in learning more about our custom phage-based vaccine development services, please contact us.


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