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Development of Hybrid Phage Vaccines

Creative Biolabs has long-term expertise and research experience in the field of vaccines development. Phage particles are powerful vehicles for vaccine delivery due to their many intrinsic characteristics. Based on such vehicle platform, we are able to provide one-stop services for developing high stability, safe, and efficient phage-based vaccines for global clients. We can also tailor innovate solutions for development of hybrid phage vaccines according to customer's individual requirement.

Introduction of Hybrid Phage Vaccines

The concept of hybrid phage vaccines results from integrating phage-displayed vaccine and phage DNA vaccine strategies. In the model of hybrid phage vaccines, both peptide vaccine and DNA vaccine are delivered in one phage construction. A eukaryotic promoter-driven DNA encoding the protective antigen is inserted into the phage genome, and an antigenic peptide is displayed on the phage surface, thus allowing the hybrid phage vaccine to possess better efficacies for inducing immune response than phage display vaccines or phage DNA vaccines alone. Moreover, the displayed peptide of hybrid phage vaccines could act as a targeting peptide, thus improving the targeting delivery capacity of hybrid phage vaccines, promoting the uptake of vaccines by specific cell types.

Schematic representations of several phage-mediated vaccine delivery systems.Fig. 1 Schematic representations of several phage-mediated vaccine delivery systems. (Adhya, 2014)

Hybrid Phage Vaccines Development Services in Creative Biolabs

Compared to other delivery systems such as virus-like particles (VLPs), phage particles are stable, efficient, and easier to produce on a large scale. Therefore, phage particles are regarded as the ideal vaccine delivery vehicles. Creative Biolabs has established an advanced Phage Delivery platform based on phage display technologies and gene engineering. We are very honored to offer the best and quality custom services of hybrid phage vaccine development to accelerate the transformation of your thought to practical application.


  • High-quality phage vehicles for delivery of DNA and peptide molecules
  • Professional expert staff possessing in-deep and comprehensive knowledge for phage-based vaccine
  • Real-time technical guidance resolving your puzzles about project
  • In-time and accurate data delivery shortening your project's cycle
  • World-leading but cost-competitive services

As a leading custom service provider in the field of vaccine development, our in-house experts have solid knowledge and a broad perspective for vaccine development. Creative Biolabs aims to act the best partner of global clients to seek innovative and promising roads and directions for the healthy life of the health of the global community. If you are interested in phage-based vaccine development, please feel free to contact us to discuss your project and get a tailored quotation.


  1. Adhya, S.; et al. Therapeutic and prophylactic applications of bacteriophage components in modern medicine. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med. 2014, 4(1):a012518.
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