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Phage-based Bacterial Pathogen Detection

Phage-based detection assays are based on the selectivity of phages for specific bacterial target. In these assay, phages act as important bio-recognition elements. Excellent expert staff at Creative Biolabs have established a proprietary phage-based pathogen detection platform. Leveraging this versatile platform, we provide a broad range of solutions for bacterial pathogen detection, concerning many fields including food safety and clinical diagnosis.

Basic Principle

Phages are bacterial viruses that can infect a wide or narrow range of host bacteria. Due to their inherent properties such as high specificity for bacteria and easy preparation, they have been regarded as innovative and promising bacterial-specific sensors for bacteria detection. There are generally two types of phages currently used as bacterial-specific sensors:

  • Nonengineered or unmodified phages: These phages are generated and purified from natural environment without modification. They are used for bacteria identification by detecting the events after infections such as the number of phage offspring, bacteriophage plaque, the changes of culture electroconductivity, etc.

  • Engineered or modified phages: These phages are generated by fusing some reporter genes into the genome of native phages or by fluorescently labeling nucleic acid and other components of phages. They are used to visualize the infection events and identify bacterial strains.

Bacteriophage biosorbents. (A) Surface immobilized bacteriophage biosorbent for specific host capture. (B) Magnetic bead immobilized bacteriophage biosorbent for specific host capture.Fig. 1 Bacteriophage biosorbents. (A) Surface immobilized bacteriophage biosorbent for specific host capture. (B) Magnetic bead immobilized bacteriophage biosorbent for specific host capture. (Merwe, 2014)

Bacterial Pathogen Detection Services

Creative Biolabs has been engaged in the research of phage application for many years and has created a proprietary phage-based pathogen detection platform. We are capable of offering the best pathogen detection services with competitive price. Importantly, we also provide a custom pathogen detection solution according to the special requirement of your project. Our service portfolio includes but is not limited:


  • Well-established technical platform for pathogen detection
  • Expertise in phage-based pathogen detection
  • Whole-process technical trace service and direction
  • Shorter detective cycle and reliable data delivery

Creative Biolabs is one of the well-recognized experts who are skilled in applying phage platform for a broad range of pathogen detection. We are confident in offering the best one-stop services for pathogen detection, involving design of personalized experiment scheme, detection, data delivery and explanation. If you are interested in phage-based pathogen detection, please feel free to contact us for more details.


  1. Merwe, R.G.V.D.; et al. Phage-based detection of bacterial pathogens. The Analyst. 2014, 139(11):2617-2626.
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