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Development of Phage DNA Vaccine

As a leader in the field of phage-based vaccine development, Creative Biolabs has established powerful techniques such as phage display and genetic engineering which are optimal for phage-based vaccine development. Based on these techniques, we are confident in offering the best services of phage DNA vaccine development for global clients.

Introduction of Phage DNA Vaccines

Phage DNA vaccine is a novel perspective for development of safe and effective vaccines. In the strategy of designing phage DNA vaccines, the eukaryotic promoter-driven genes which encode protective antigenic peptides or mimic epitopes are incorporated into the phage genomes. Then phages carrying antigen genes, also known as phage DNA vaccines, are injected into eukaryotic cells and antigen genes are expressed under the guidance of a eukaryotic expression cassette, further inducing effective immune response in the host. Compared to phage-displayed vaccines, phage DNA vaccine provides more widespread application. In some cases, certain antigenic peptides or epitopes displayed on phage surface are difficult to maintain their active conformation, while phage DNA vaccine deliver these antigen genes without effect on functional conformation of expressed antigen peptides. Compared to a standard naked DNA vaccine, phage DNA vaccines possess improved stability and immune efficacies. Although other nano-/micro-particles are also employed as vehicle for DNA vaccine, phage DNA vaccine is easy to manufacturing and cheap.

The basic principle of phage DNA vaccination.Fig. 1 The basic principle of phage DNA vaccination. (Clark, 2004)

Phage DNA Vaccine Development Service in Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a world-leading service provider for phage research and application. We can provide a variety of solutions for development of phage DNA vaccine. Aided by genetic engineering method and phage manufacturing platform, high-quality phage DNA vaccines can be produced and then deliver to our client in a quick turnaround. These vaccines meet the requirements for clinical and research applications.


  • An outstanding scientific staff who have engaged in phage engineering for many years
  • A powerful technical platform which allows delivering the optimal product
  • Efficient and high-quality service with the most competitive price
  • Shortest delivery cycle promoting your project success
  • First-class after-sales service

Compared to traditional DNA vaccine and phage display vaccine, phage DNA vaccines have several advantages such as improved immune efficacies and reduced development costs, thus making them promising in vaccine development. Creative Biolabs possess a wide range of expertise and powerful technical platforms, thus allowing us to offer top-ranking services of development of phage DNA vaccine. If you are interested in phage-based vaccine, please feel free to contact us and discuss your project.


  1. Clark, J.R.; March, J.B. Bacterial viruses as human vaccines? Expert Rev Vaccines. 2004, 3(4):463-76.
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