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Development of Phage-displayed Vaccines

Compared to traditional vaccine, phage display vaccines have several advantages, such as higher stability and security, short production cycle and high yield. Aided by our excellent technical platform and accumulated experience, Creative Biolabs provides phage-displayed vaccine development services for global customers. We make a promise that the generated phage-displayed vaccines possess the ability of inducing appropriate immune response to meet scientific and clinical purposes.

Introduction of Phage-displayed Vaccines

Phage-displayed vaccines are formed by displaying peptide or protein antigens on the surface of phage particles. There are two strategies for phage-displayed vaccine development: direct and indirect display. In direct display, peptide or protein antigens can be fused with a coat protein of phage by genetic engineering. Then recombinant phages proliferate by infecting bacteria, thereby achieving mass-production of phage-displayed vaccines. The other strategy indirect display enables to display antigens on the surface of phage by combinatorial chemistry method. Indirect display can increase the diversity of displayed antigens but the procedure of vaccine manufacture is very complicated. In the contract, direct display strategy is relatively simple and economic, commonly used for phage-displayed vaccine development.

Phage display of foreign peptides (or proteins) on the filamentous phage by genetic engineering.Fig.1 Phage display of foreign peptides (or proteins) on the filamentous phage by genetic engineering. (Bao, 2018)

Phage-displayed Vaccines Development Service in Creative Biolabs

Our professional scientists have rich experience in phage display technology, and have assisted global clients to attain their interested vaccines using phages as delivery vehicles. Phage display is a powerful technology that allows displaying immunogenic peptides or proteins on phage surface. Currently, we have established multiple vaccine display systems, including filamentous, T4, T7 and lambda phage display systems. Moreover, we also employ indirect display strategy to chemically conjugate or biologically bind immunogenic peptides or proteins on their surfaces.

Phage display of antigenic peptides by means of artificial linkers.Fig.2 Phage display of antigenic peptides by means of artificial linkers. (Bao, 2018)


  • Advanced technical platform for phage-displayed vaccine development
  • A preeminent expert team providing all-round technical guidance
  • Shorter experimental cycle speed up your project
  • High-quality, high-yield phage-displayed vaccine delivery
  • Best after-sales service

Based on advanced technical platform and experienced expert team, Creative Biolabs is capable of providing top quality services for phage-displayed vaccine development. We are highly feasible to your specific requirements. If you are interested in phage-displayed vaccine, please contact us to further discuss your project and achieve a tailored quote.


  1. Bao, Q.; et al. Phage-based vaccines. Advanced drug delivery reviews. 2018.
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