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In Vitro Services for Phage-based Vaccine Development

Phages are excellent vehicles for the delivery of immunogenic peptides or DNA vaccines. To assist in the development of phage-displayed vaccines, phage DNA vaccines, and hybrid phage vaccines, Creative Biolabs offers a well-established phage vehicle platform for vaccine development, which enables our global customers to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and quality of phage-based vaccines with our full range of in vitro services.

Immunological Specificity Assay

The immunological specificity of phage-based vaccines is determined by cell-based bioassays, competitive ligand binding assays, immunocytochemistry, immunohistochemistry techniques, cellular enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELSA), and other advanced techniques.

Immune Activity Assay

In vitro phage, serological analytical assays are assessments of antibody levels, antibody avidity, and cellular immune responses in the serum that is incubated with the phage-based vaccines. The serum IgG levels are then quantified by ELISA, which defines the phage immune activity. Cytokine or chemokine profiling and release assays by ELISA and flow cytometry are also used to detect phage-induced immune responses. Besides, protein microarrays can qualitatively measure multiple cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors. Moreover, the cytometric bead array (CBA) can concurrently and quantitatively measure multiple markers of immune cell activation.

Immune Toxicity Assay

ELISA-based endotoxin detection assay is used to determine the endotoxins, such as lipopolysaccharide (LPS), via subsequent detection of fluorescent signals read by a fluorescence reader. Inflammatory and pro-inflammatory cytokine or chemokine profiling and release assays via ELISA, flow cytometry, and protein microarray can also evaluate phage-induced immune toxicity.

Other In Vitro Assays

  • Titration assay is used to detect the antibody titer level after immunization, which determines the efficacy of phage vaccines.
  • Cell-based immune response determination assays include T cell proliferation determination by beta counter or flow cytometry, T-cell cytotoxicity, and antibody production assays to evaluate the efficacy of phage vaccine on immune cells.

In Vitro Services for Phage-based Vaccine Development

Creative Biolabs has been leading the vaccine development industry with unique products and related services for over a decade. Relying on our dedicated team of experts who have led the way in providing phage-based vaccine development services to scientists worldwide. We offer superior phage-based vaccine preclinical in vitro assays to meet your specific requirements in research and development. Our experienced scientists are dedicated to supporting you in screening and identifying the most promising phage vaccine candidates and assisting you in the later stages of development. If you have the attention to learn more about our in vitro services for phage-based vaccine development, please feel free to contact us.

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