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Development of Phage-antibiotic Combined Therapy

Creative Biolabs is a contract research company with pioneering technology and equipment, providing research and development services for phage-related therapies for clients worldwide. Phages have an important role in the replacement of antibiotics as new antibacterial drugs with high specificity, low dose, safety of use, and low manufacturing cost. The combination of phage and chemical antibiotics is the best in terms of efficacy. Scientists at Creative Biolabs have successfully brought phage-antibiotic combined therapy research and development services to global customers, designing the best solutions.

Background of Phage-antibiotic Combined Therapy

Although antibiotics achieve some antimicrobial effects with the advantages of cost-effectiveness and efficacy, the emergence of drug resistance of multiple pathogens poses a major challenge to global health. The shortcomings of antibiotics have contributed to the urgent call for the development of alternative therapeutic strategies. Phage therapy is considered a potential approach to treating the growing spectrum of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. A potential method to reduce the dosage of antibiotics and prevent the emergence of antibiotic resistance during therapy is the combination of phages and antibiotics. Phage-antibiotic synergy allows sublethal concentrations of certain antibiotics to enhance the ability of bacteria to release progeny phages. There is growing in vitro and in vivo evidence that phage-antibiotic combined therapies enhance the anti-bacteria effect and anti-biofilm effect while reducing bacterial resistance. The phage-antibiotic combined therapies allow cell elongation or filamentation by antibiotic and subsequent phage multiplication. The combined therapies also prevent the occurrence of phage and antibiotic resistant mutations. In addition, phages in the combined therapies change the cell permeability that allows antibiotic penetration. Furthermore, antibiotics have impacts on cell autoaggregation and other cell surface properties.

Chemical Antimicrobial-Phage Synergy (CAPS)

In addition to being used in combination with antibiotics, the phage can also be used in combination with some chemical agents, to enhance multi-target effects, pharmacokinetics, or physicochemical effects (such as bioavailability, stability, and solubility), or reduce specific bacterial resistance. The chemical antimicrobials in cooperation with phages include the following synergistic effects:

  • Inhibition of cell wall synthesis
  • Disruption of bacterial cell membranes
  • Inhibition of DNA replication
  • Inhibition of transcription
  • Inhibition of translation

Development of Phage-antibiotic Combined Therapy

Phage-antibiotic Combined Therapy Development Services at Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has a long-term dedication to offering a wide range of services for the development of phage-antibiotic combined therapies or other chemical agent-phage therapies. We offer you the optimal solutions according to your requirements, which allow precise screening of antibiotics and other chemical agents for the phages against particular bacterial species. We offer phage isolation, purification, enrichment, and characterization services to verify the optimal phage-antibiotic therapy for the bacteria. Besides, we offer comprehensive in vitro and in vivo services that permit testing of the efficacy and safety of combined therapies to accomplish optimal therapeutic outcomes. To learn more about the discovery of phage-antibiotic combined therapies, please don't hesitate to contact us, or get access through the following links:

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